20 July 2017

Lich Lord for Frostgrave

A model I'm using as the Lich Lord for Frostgrave, the mini is from"Otherworld Miniatures", I thought he looked a bit more dynamic and to my taste compared to the imo static and a bit goofy looking Frostgrave Lich Lord.

I tried to go for a "classic" fantasy look on this mini, the dark blue/blackish robe did not really turn out the way I wished, but I'm pretty happy with the red which was exactly what I wanted to achieve.

19 July 2017

SAGA bannerman

Started my vacation this week, which means I had some time to finally sit down for a bit longer and paint. First out is a nice viking bannerman mini suitable for SAGA and Blood Eagle. I printed the flag from the internet, but added some paint of my own to it since it got a bit too grey from the PVA glue.

23 June 2017

Frostgrave, new Wizard and apprentice duo

When I was ordering some additional monsters and creatures for Frostgrave I also ended up buying a new wizard and apprentice, picked out by Caroline. No idea for which school of magic we will use these, but I would leave that fairly open just like with the minis we already have. Both models are from Otherworld Miniatures (Druid and Scribe). Otherworld make some really good looking 28mm "classic fantasy" stuff, I also bought some undead that I hope to paint soon.

22 June 2017

Post apocalypse camel riders

A guest entry from my friend Thomas. He put together some pretty cool looking camel riders for his post apocalypse game set in the world of "Mutant". I love the shields that are made out of Swedish road signs!!

More post apocalypse minis can be seen later this week over here: https://scattereddice.wordpress.com/

18 June 2017

This War of Mine: Board game review

I finally received This War of Mine the board game early this week, I backed the game through Kickstarter over a year ago. This is board game based on the PC (and now Android/iOS app) version which I thought was one of the best games I've played, and it is extremely true to the digital version. You can read my review of the PC game HERE.

I've been playing this game solo and with Caroline for most of the week and we managed to survive through the entire campaign once, so I figured it was time for a review.

Basic idea of the game
Just like the PC game the board game version is about players controlling a small group of civilians trying to survive war in an abandoned building. During the day you try to make the building a bit more habitable by clearing debris, building furniture, water collectors, animal traps and boarding up holes in the walls to increase security.

During the night phase you can send people from your group out to scavenge locations in town for supplies and perform trade. Scavenging is always combined with a risk of running into the wrong kind of people - be it soldiers, thugs, hobos or other survivors. You may also run into regular civilians hiding in locations.

At the same time as members of your group are scavenging the town, your own house regularly comes under attack (from other people and raiders also scavenging!). You have to post guards, arm yourself and board up holes in the walls to prevent injury and theft.

At the start of each new day a card from the "event deck" is drawn, it tells you the main event going on during the upcoming day. Events could be artillery fire hitting your house, cold weather getting worse, spreading of sickness in the town, items becoming more scarce etc. The game ends when the "event deck" runs out, which is randomly determined as the final couple of cards in the event deck include one "War is over" card. In the basic campaign  you have to survive with at least 1 member of your original group of survivors in order to win.

That's the basic idea of the game. Talking about specifics now, let's start with characters.

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